Nutritional Facts

BiJimini is ideal for consumers who are on restricted diets, or who make careful dietary choices or who just want to try something new which offers a more sustainable alternative to other spices.

You may be a wanting to add extra protein, vitamins, minerals and all nine essential amino acids, to foods you already know and love.

You may be someone who is an elite athlete, seriously into your fitness and you want to add a protein-rich ingredient to your pantry.

You may be  fully aware of the sustainability of eating insect-based products however you find the ‘yuck’ factor is very strong – and this is a way of overcoming that feeling.

Believe it or not, crickets contain 60% protein by weight, which means, if you eat 100 grams of crickets, 60 grams is pure protein. 

Over two billion people around the world already eat crickets – mostly in Africa, Asia and South America, and they are becoming more popular in Europe. 

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